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Arha Holidays 16 Dec ,2020

Kerala -Gods own country, has many sacred ancient Temples. Apart from the Historical importance, the Temple architecture is unique in comparison to the other Southern states Temples.

The striking difference is in construction of Temple Gopuram. Wood is used majorly in the temple construction. 

The list Top 10 temples which are a must-visit during your travel to Kerala are shared. The details of the Temple, Main deity, History of Temple and the main festival are shared.  

1. Ananta Padmanabha Swamy Temple

    • Location - Trivandrum
    • Main Deity - Lord Vishnu
    •  It is one of the Oldest Vishnu Temple in the country. The temple existence mentioned in all the Purana’s believed to be 5000 years old. Its mentioned as the Golden Temple in earlier days. A record-room construction done by the King in the year 1425 AD, there were 3000 leaf records at that time. In the year 1750, the Travancore King has surrendered Kingdom in the name of Lord Padmanabha. He and his decedents continued to serve the Kingdom as Padmanabha Dasa. 
    • Major Festivals - Alpashy Oct- Nov, Panguni March - April

2. JanaradhnaSwamy Temple

    • Location - Varkala
    • Main Deity - Lord Vishnu
    • Historical significance The Temple also called as Dakshina Kasi and Gaya of South. The Temple construction believed to have done by Devas. The reconstruction is done, by then Pandian King in the 13th Century. The famous ritual here is offering final rites to their loved ones. The main deity is also called Pitru Mokshan. Its believed that praying to the God here relieves of all ailments.
    • Major Festival - Arattu Festival - March - April

3. Vadakkanathan Temple

    • Location - Thrissur
    • Main Deity - Lord Shiva
    • Historical significance; The Temple, believed to have been built by Lord Parashurama (Lord Vishu incarnation). The historians mention that the construction of the Temple dated to 2nd Century.
    • Major Festival - Maha Shivaratri, Anayottu Festival and Thrissur Pooram

4. Ananthapura Lake Temple

    • Location - Anathapura
    • Main Deity - Lord Vishnu
    • Historical Significance - The only temple in Kerala built in a lake. Its believed that Molasthanam of Anathapadmnabha Swamy - The main deity of Trivandrum Anata Padmanabha Swamy temple. The unique thing here is the presence of Single crocodile in the Lake. There is no river or pond nearby where crocodile exists. The mysterious phenomena, once single crocodile dies another crocodile appears in the lake. In the memory of the local people who reside here, the current crocodile is the 3rd one which is currently in the lake.
    • Major Festival - Tapotsavam festival - April

5. Guruvayur Temple

    • Location - Guruvayoor
    • Main Deity - Lord Krishna
    • Historical significance - The temple is believed to have been built around 5000 years back by Viswakarma (The architect of Devalok) Its called Bholokha Vaikunta. The significant offering devotees offer to the deity here is Tulabharam of - Sugar, Jaggery, Rice, Coconut, Banana to their full weight. The Temple gets Elephants as gifts from the devotees. The temple currently has around 60 elephants. 
    • Major Festival - Vrishchika Ekadasi, Annual festival - Feb-March

6. Mahadeva Temple

    • Location - Vaikom,
    • Main Deity - Lord Shiva
    • Historical Significance - The Shivallinga at the Temple is believed to be one of 3 Shiva Lingas given out by Lord Shiva himself to Khara Asura to attain Moksha. Out of this 3 Shiva Lingas, one is at The vaikom Temple, 2nd Shivalinga is at Ettumannur Siva temple and the 3rd Shiva Linga is Kanduthurthy Shiva temple. Together these 3 temples are considered trisome Shiva temples. Its believed that if a Pilgrim visits all three temples before Ucha Pooja all their wishes are fulfilled.
    • Major Festival - Vaikkath Ashtami

7. Sabarimala Temple

    • Location - Sabarimala
    • Main Deity - Lord Aiyappa
    • Historical Significance - The temple is built for lord Aiyappa ( who is the son of Lord Shiva and Feminine Incarnation of Lord Vishnu)
    • Major Festival - Makra Valikku - Makra Sankranthi

8. Chotanikara Temple

    • Location - Cochin
    • Main Deity - Goddess Bhagavathy
    • Historical Significance - The temple is believed to have been built by the Adi Sankaracharya. The goddess here is worshipped in the morning as Goddess Saraswathi, In the afternoon as Goddess Lakshmi and the evening as Goddess Durga. Thes Piligirms visit here to get the curing of their mental Illness.
    • Major Festival - Makom Thozal - Feb - March.

9. Mannarshala

    • Location -Mannarshala
    • Main Deity - Lord Nagaraja
    • Historical Significance - The temple said to have been constructed by Lord Parasurama. One of the Priests of the temple who were not having children prayed to Lord Nagaraja. The lord has then given a boon that he would incarnate as their beloved son. (After that, the child has assumed the form of a serpent. Its believed that he continues to live even today). Post the birth of the child, the mother became the Main Priest of the Temple. The couples seeking fertility visit the temple. The Special turmeric paste offered here is believed to have curative powers.
    • Major Festival - Ayilyam Festival - Oct -Nov

10. Ambalapuzha Krishna Temple

    • Location - Ambalapuzha
    • Main Deity - Lord Krishna
    • Historical Significance - The temple is believed to have been built in the 15th Century. its believed that the Prasdam - Pal payasam offered to the Pilgrims is the debt paid by the King to Lord Krishna. The King lost the Game of Chess to Lord Krishna who came in the form of a Sage. The winner supposed to get the rice Grain. The volume calculation, One grain of rice to be kept in every square with double quantity of its processor Square. Upon losing the Game, King realized that he does not have the required rice quantity to pay. The sage then appeared as Lord Krishna and advised the King to offer the same as prasadam to the pilgrims who would visit the Temple.