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Raaga 17 Mar ,2020

March has some special role for the tourists who are in need of a visit to some holiday places where only dry weather is favorable to enjoy the environment. Kerala is one of the best tourist spots for an awesome holiday trip throughout winter and the beginning of summer and it is recommended to visit in Kerala during March because it worths your money and time.

In the month of March, we are at the doorsill of welcoming the great summer season and is one of the busiest months. And all those usual spots would be jam-packed with tourists who avail of Kerala Tour Packages.

Kerala Weather in March welcomes you with all its treasures and it’s the recommended time to visit them all, because of the moderate temperature and least chance of raining. The temperature ranges from 25 °C to 35 °C and beneficial for tourists. The difference in temperatures during the day and night creates an enjoyment.


The tropical heat can cause you tired if you don’t take precautions before starting your journey. Even though there won’t be extreme temperatures in the month of March, it’s advised to take a few precautions.

• Staying in the shade during the day time is more recommended as fresh air from lush green trees could improve your health well along with scenery seeing opportunity.

• We need to drink sufficient fresh juices and purified water to avoid dehydration.

• If you’re going out in the sun, wear a white hat or cap, scarf, or use an umbrella.

• Using sunscreen during the daytime is recommended, and also, use a mosquito repellent during the night.

• Ensure you’re taking good quality food and drinks which are hygienically packaged or cooked at a superior restaurant.

With the above precautions, you can have the opportunity to visit some places in Kerala in March. These destinations have a unique story of its own and even some places are crowded during peak season, but positively worth the visit because of the special things to do in Kerala in March.

1. Cooldown at Meesapulimala

Meesapulimala peak in Munnar is popular for spending mid-day time when it gets too tiresome to handle hot weather and hence, a great relaxation could be experienced.

The peak is rated as the 3rd highest peak in the Western Ghats with an altitude of 2,641 ft above sea level. Having a trek or renting a jeep safari to this amazing spot would add icing to your holiday trip. For your kind information, UNESCO has included Meesapulimala in its list of World Heritage sites.

Excitement for trekkers

An exciting trek along high altitude grasslands would begin at 1,500 meters up to 2,600 meters where you can see the undamaged greenery and grasslands. Throughout your trekking, you’ll cross the Kolukkumalai, the highest tea estate of the world, heaving hills with the unexpected appearance of indigenous animals such as Nilgiri Tahr. Since the trek length is 21 k.m., only the healthy and strong people are eligible for trekking. Truly, Kerala tours in March are helpful to do trekking.

2. Chettikulangara Bharani Festival

Bharani Festival is a color and vivacious festival celebrated by thousands of Hindu devotees at the end of the February and start of March every year. Since it is celebrated at the Chettikulangara Devi temple in Alappuzha district, Kerala becomes a center of activity with processions, dancing performances, bands, and fireworks.

Thousands of devotees gather at the temple grounds to gain the divine sagacity of spirituality that saturates everything connected to it. You can see excellent Kettukazhcha where you can watch spotlessly organized and intricately designed structures decorated up for the procession along with bigger Bhima and Hanuman icons, chariot motifs and horses, etc. The visitors generally here got impressed and mesmerized by the huge pageant often leaves an enduring impression on the visitors who are completely mesmerized by the complicated structures, possibly because they are little found elsewhere.

3. Mind-blowing Lakkidi

At Thamaassery ghat-pass, Lakkidi is a significant appeal in Kerala for all tourists. The extended area of greenery, plantations, and resorts with streams, hills, and ravine, the hill station is rumored to be second in receipt of the biggest degree of rainfall and hence recommended to include within Kerala Holiday Packages.

4. Unforgettable trekking at Thirunetty

Thirunetty in Kannur is a splendid tourist spot that comes with Kerala Tour Package for a thrilling trekking experience as per its situation in Cherupuzha Panchayat. It’s situated at a height of 2300 ft. and become the favorite place for couples, photographers, nature lovers, hikers, and trekkers.

5. Guruvayoor Aanayottam (Sri Krishna Temple)

Guruvayoor Temple becomes crowded between February and March month because of its annual festival that lasts for 10 days and elephant race marks it’s starting.

Also, through your visit in Kerala during March, you can see Attuvela Mahotsavam, Sarovaram Bio park, Chandragiri Fort, and many more.