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Arhaholidays 25 Jun ,2021

 Kovalam, Alappuzha beaches 

Kerala is the group of tourist places where every age group wants to visit at least once in their lifetime, and no matter how regularly you go for the Kerala tours, you will always be left with many places to visit. 

Kerala is located on the Malabar coast, which stretches over 600 kilometers along the Arabian Sea. Kerala is known for its Beaches, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Hill Stations, Back Waters, Spiritual places, canals, and so on. 

There are 22 beaches in #Kerala, and they are not only different from each other giving a unique experience, indeed they are different from other Indian beaches like Goa beach, Rama Krishna beach in Andhra Pradesh, Juhu beach in Mumbai, and other international beaches. 


Kovalam, Alappuzha beaches are considered special and the best beaches in #Kerala to visit. 

Kovalam Beaches 

Kovalam beach kerala

Kovalam is a beach town located 25 kilometers south of Trivandrum and it is a world-famous beach with three crescent-shaped beaches adjacent to it, which gives many options to the travelers with sunbathing, herbal body toning massages, swimming, catamaran cruising, and so on. 

Kovalam is a town that has more beaches compared to other towns in Kerala. Some of the famous beaches in Kovalam are 

Kovalam Beach 

Kovalam beach is internationally famous, the shallow waters and low tidal waves attract foreign travelers, and due to which most of the time you find it crowded. The famed crescent of the Kovalam beach is made up of three beaches separated by rocky outcroppings along Kovalam's 17-kilometer shoreline. Swimming, body massages and sunbathing are the regularly hosted events. 

Lighthouse beach 

Lighthouse beach is one of the prime tourist locations in Kerala, it is a frequently visited beach that is included in every company’s Kerala tour package. From the top of the lighthouse, you can get a bird view of the beach enjoying the sound of waves and the air. The most beautiful time to visit lighthouse beach is in the evening, as the light will be lit up chasing the dark making it a pleasant night view. 

Hawa beach 

Hawa Beach, also known as Eve’s beach is opposite the Lighthouse beach, where you can find fishermen catching the fishes using the net, and their other activities. Swimming and other sports activities are not allowed on this beach due to its high tides. 

Chowara beach 

Chowara beach is located 10 km away from Kovalam. On this beach also you can watch fishermen’s activities, and you can take their snaps with ease, as it is not very crowded compared to other beaches. So, you can just listen to the sounds of the waves without crumbling other travelers’ activities. 

Samudra beach 

Samudra beach is one of the famous tourist attractions in Kovalam. You can find many ayurvedic centers around, and due to the low population, you will find the location so calm and peaceful. 

Alappuzha beaches 

Alleppey beach kerala

Alappuzha, which is also known as Aleppey, is on the Laccadive Sea.  

Alleppey beach 

Alleppey beach is known for its natural beauty, which is elevated by the equally beautiful garden on its shores. This beach is famously known for its backwater holidays, boat races, marines, and so on. 

Marari beach 

Marari beach is one of the famous beaches located at 11 km distance from Alappuzha. The landscape views at this destination are a great visual feast, due to which many movies were shot at this location. 

Arthunkal beach 

Arthunkal beach is 7.4 km away from Marari beach, which is famous for St. Andrew’s Basilica. Despite you may find it less crowded, there are high chances to explore this destination peacefully. 

Thottappally beach 

Thottappally beach is 22 km away from the city center, where you can find fishing activities, different groups of birds as the residents of the location. Here you can find professional photographers capturing this destination's natural scenic beauty. 

Punnapra beach 

If you are on a honeymoon tour, make sure to include Punnapra beach in your Kerala tour package because this beach is the ideal destination for the couple seeking romantic nature. Here you can find Ayurvedic massages which most travelers opt for. 

Sightseeing and Things to do 

Kovalam, Alappuzha beaches are famous for many other locations and activities which you cannot find in India other than Kerala. 


  • Kovalam Art Gallery: Make sure to visit this Kovalam Art Gallery where you can see famous Indian sculptures, paintings representing the ancient Indian art 
  • Neyyar Dam: Neyyar Dam the most visited location by travelers which they never miss in their Kovalam tour, which is located 40 km away from Thiruvananthapuram. Visiting time is between 8 am to 7 pm. 
  • Halcyon Castle: Halcyon Castle which is also known as Kovalam palace, is just 2 km away from Kovalam center. And the best time to visit is between November-February to enjoy its actual beauty. 
  • Veli Tourist Village: Veli Tourist Village is the favorite location of many regular Kerala travelers, and it has many fun activities that engage your children making their experience complete. 


  • Stay in a houseboat: The stay in this Kerala houseboat gives a unique experience, which you want to miss on your Kerala tour. To have a complete experience of backwaters with the family or a group of friends houseboat is the only way. 
  • Kayaking: Kayaking is a famous sports activity which every traveler wishes to experience in the backwaters, to see the Kingfishers and Cormorant. 
  • Nehru Trophy Boat Race: Boat race is one of the famous and favorite sports of Keralites, and many teams participate in the boat race. It is said that Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru was so enthralled by the race that he entered it himself, joining one of the teams that won the race. 
  • Pathiramanal: Pathiramanal is a famous tourist spot and beautiful island in Alappuzha. This island is the home for exotic birds like Cattle Egret, Indian Shag, Common Teal, Darter, Night Heron, Whiskered Tern, and so on. Between December-March is the ideal time to visit to explore the pleasant view of the island. 

If you are traveling for the first time to Kerala make sure to include Kovalam, Alappuzha beaches in your Kerala trip, to explore in and around places alongside beaches. As aforementioned Kovalam, Alappuzha doesn’t just limit the beaches, you can explore mother nature, participate in activities like boat races, kayaking, stay in a houseboat, and so on. 

Kovalam, Alappuzha beaches are the famous beaches in the whole world, which are known for giving a unique and complete experience to Kerala travelers.