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For cruising in Alleppey backwaters by Houseboat: The Must-know facts, choices of Boats, Additional features to select, Cruising routes, Locations, Hosue boat itinerary, Food Menu in the Houseboat, Honeymoon Inclusions,  booking tips - A detailed guide on Houseboat. 

It helps to make an informed decision on Houseboat booking, to make a memorable experience.

Things we must Know - About the Houseboat

  • The Houseboat is not comparable to a Hotel Room - in terms of amenities and facilities irrespective of the boat category.
  • Room Size and washroom would be much smaller in comparison to the Hotel.
  • The staff in the Houseboat are not professionals. The locals are hired to operate and serve in the Houseboat.
  • The Kitchen in the Houseboat would have limited provisions (required to make the meal for the day) as per the prefixed menu.
  • The Number of curries and the quantity would be limited. In case you have a particular preference for the food or curries, kindly do mention at the time of booking itself.
  • The boat docked at the shore around 5 pm till next day morning till checkout. If you prefer, you can take a walk around. 
  • The Guest is expected to retire to the Bedroom by 10 PM. The Lobby area and the Kitchen area lighting would be switched off. 
  • Mosquitos, small insects might be found in the boat as the boat is docked in backwaters. 
  • The water supply in the Houseboat would be through the Overhead tank.

Honeymoon Inclusions in the Houseboat 

The Honeymoon Inclusions - Candle Light Dinner, Cake and Flower bed decoration provided in the Houseboat is not a match to what is provided in the hotel. 

Its offered as complimentary when you book, sharing the details for your reference

Cake - Normally a plum cake in case of Deluxe Boat, a Standard cake in case of Premium, Luxury Boat

Candlelight dinner - Food Menu is standard and the same and candles are lit on the table

Flower bed decoration - Local flowers are sparingly placed on the bed.

There will be additional charges to have a better cake, better flower bed decoration and special dish to be served in the food during candlelight Dinner. The most important point is any changes in the standard honeymoon inclusions must be mentioned at the time of booking. Once the boat leaves for the boarding point nothing can be organized as the boat would have any facilities. Everything needs to be pre-purchased.

Type of House Boats 

Deluxe HouseBoat 

AC in the Bedroom is operational from Night 9 pm to the morning at 6 am. The living and dining area does not have to air-condition.

Premium Houseboat

 AC in the bedroom is operational during the entire stay. The boat interiors would be better the Deluxe Houseboat. The living and dining area does not have an air-conditioning facility. The interior and exterior looks better than the Deluxe houseboat

Luxury House Boat 

AC will be operational in the Bedroom during the entire stay. The AC facility is at Living and dining area. The bedroom and Lobby area will have better Interiors and Exteriors. Even the bed in the bedroom would be better in comparison to the Premium Houseboat.

Additional Features in Houseboat 

Upper Deck - All 3 categories, it is available. But this needs to be specified at the time of booking. As you have a lot of boats without Upper deck.

Glass-covered Houseboat - It is available in case of Premium and Luxury houseboats.

Jacuzzi - There are few luxury boats, which provide this option. 

Fishing - You can even do fishing if interested. This must be mentioned at the time of booking itself. As every boat might not carry the same always.

Houseboat Itinerary 

The Check-in time is at 12 Noon, Checkout time is 9 AM.  

Once the boat starts cruising it is docked in Middle of water for one hour around 1 Pm to serve lunch for the Guests

The cruising would be in backwaters from 2 Pm to 5 pm. The boat is docked to the Shore near to a village for the night stay. 

In the evening you prefer to have a walk around you can step out - Depending on the boat docked location. There would be any entertainment options in the boat.

The night dinner would be served around 9 Pm and the Guest is expected to retire to the bedroom by 10 PM. The overnight partying in the boat is not allowed as per the Local govt regulations. 

In the morning post breakfast, there will be backwaters cruising for another 30 minutes. The boat is then docked for your check out.

Cruising routes 

  • Alleppey to Alleppey – 1 Night Cruise – Boarding and dropping at Alleppey.
  • Kumarakom to Kumarakkom – 1 Night Cruise – Standard Route - Boarding and dropping at Kumarakom.
  • Alleppey to Kumarakom to Alleppey – 1 Night Cruise - Boarding at Alleppey, dropping at Kumarakom.  
  • Alleppey to Kollam ( Pick up location at Alleppey and drop Location at Kollam) – 2 Nights Cruise. 

Houseboat Food Menu 

This is standard across all the 3 categories of Houseboats. The cuisine normally Kerala cuisine. In the case of Premium. Luxury Houseboat customization one or two additional curries would be added.

Breakfast - Idly with Chutney or Idiyappam/Appam with veg/Egg curry or Puttu Kadala Curry.

Lunch - Rice, Sambar, Avial, Veg Thoran/Non-Veg Curry, Pappadam and Pickle. 

Dinner - Chapathi, Rice, Dal or Non-veg curry 

You must pre-order at the time of booking. If you prefer a particular type of dish, food preparations choice - Jain Food, Halal Food, North Indian Food.

Booking Tips

  • The earlier you book, it would be better as the inventory of boats limited. The price skyrocket closer to check-in date if the availability of Houseboats is limited.
  • If you do not want to spend the evening in the boat, you can book the boat operated by Hotels. The Houseboat is docked at the Hotel. So that you can utilize the Resort facilities in the evening when the boat is docked. The night dinner and stay still will be in the houseboat. However pls do reconfirm the same before booking the boat.         
  • kindly verify the online reviews of the Houseboat company.
  • Kindly don't decide the boat by the Photographs pls. As that is not the necessarily current picture's
  • As per the Govt norms, every Houseboat has to do the boat renovation in regular time intervals. The licence is renewal basis that only. so do check when was the renovation done. 

The stay in the houseboat in backwaters is an Experience to Cherish. One must try this experience during the visit to Kerala.  

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Image Courtesy - Photo by Adityan Ramkumar on Unsplash