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Ramesh 16 Jan ,2020

Things to do in Kerala in January

In winter, many ‘things to do in Kerala in January’ from amazing lively festivals to serene walks to and cruise house.

Kerala, God’s nation has unique gatherings and culture, repeatedly bringing the snooping feature up in visitors for a long time. Most of the tourists who visit over Kerala revisit for supplementary as they are engrossed by the peaceful backwaters, Elephant ride, the plentiful tropical forests, the native verdure, the dazzling slope stations, and many more places to visit in Kerala in January. Customize your Kerala Holiday Packages with some special tourist spots and activities.

In case if you are planning to visit Kerala in January, you will have a surprising trek in this pinnacle season. You never imagine that Kerala would appear dazzling amid the winter season. So pack up and play your role in all the following things to do in Kerala in January.

1. Elephant Ride like a King

Unlike camel ride in Rajasthan, Kerala is famous globally for its procession of elephants that are decked up in amusing tinges. It’s considered as a revitalizing than that is a ride on the elephant in Kerala. You can visit the wide-open river bank area through an elephant ride. Among these rivers, Bharathapuzha River is one whose bank is a suitable area for satisfying elephant ride. Throughout the woodlands, you can move for a reviving natural life safari or can explore the numbers of estates in Kerala at the time of an elephant ride within your Kerala Tour Packages.

2. Kovlam and Alleppey – Have fun in House Boat Cruise

To live in a houseboat along the astounding backwaters of Alleppey, the tourists must have the ability to be grateful for the legitimate superiority of Kerala. Since, different styles of houseboats are available in Kovlam, Alleppey, and other tourist destinations. The tourists could choose a definite option for entertainment and a peaceful moment. These houseboats seem luxurious hotels on the boat and floating on water with amazing sightseeing and mobility.

3. Marayoor’s Sandalwood Forests

Marayoor, the sandalwood timberlands, is a mind-blowing tourist destination with old-fashioned dolmens and the stone artistic construction that you must pay a visit. These arts are made on scenes of Ramayan and Mahabharat (Lord Shri Krishna & Pandavas). Marayoor, Idukki is nearer to Pollachi or Munnar in Tamil Nadu.

4. Ernakulathappan Utsavom - Festival of Lord Shiva

Ernakulathappan Utsavom is admired with amazing energy by the devotees of Lord Shiva and here, the Shiva sanctuary is located at Ernakulam, India. This festival ends with the special program “Araattu” in Thiruvathira, along with Makara. Around 15 tamed elephants participate in this procession along with dancing people.

5. Adoor Gajamela – Elephant festival

Gajamela is a famous festival celebrated at Adoor with nine well-decorated elephants is an important celebration in January month. This festival runs for 10-days with different programs and Velakali dance. Parichamuttukali dance, hand to hand fighting, Ashtamirohini (birthday of Lord Krishna) and mayooranritham or-Peacock dance are other attractions over here.

6. Breath-taking traditional dance in Cochin, Kerala

Kathakali dance with decorated artists beautifully reveals your charming accounts of the destination with only their performances. Without watching a Kathakali dance program, spending the evenings in Cochin is not enough joyful.

7. Ayurveda treatment and massage

Unlike Las Vegas, Kerala’s Ayurvedic treatments including massage & spa therapies are more pleasure and healthy aid to your travel. At least once, you must enjoy the opportunity of reprieving and getting an Ayurveda to treat from a specialist in Kerala.

8. Spending time at SEA beaches

In the south of Kerala, the array sea beaches are found in the soar of the Arabian Sea which includes Kovalam, Varkala Beach, and many more. These sea beaches have been the parts of the world holiday tourism map for a long time. Rocky headland and the shallow bluish waters make this sea beaches amazing places for sunbathing and swimming.

9. Thekkady - Place of amazing adventurous trekking experience

Here at Thekkady, spend an adventurous trekking time through the Periyar Tiger Reserve, or proceed for a great boat ride and don’t leave any opportunity to see the wild animals in their natural habitat. Here, you can also have bamboo rafting and other mind relaxing adventurous activities.

10. Pongal Festival – 4 days celebration in Mid January

The Pongal Festival is famous in mid-January and mostly celebrated in Tamil Nadu for four days. This festival is mainly celebrated by worshipping lord Indra the god of rain.

Also, you can visit different hill stations in Kerala in January. Kalamachal, a foggy and greenery hill station could be visited on the way of Thiruvananthapuram to spend a few moments in complete peace and harmony. Kalamachal is located at a 10 km distance from Attingal and 3 km from Vamanapuram.

Including Munnar, you can visit other hill stations like Ponmudi, Vagamon, Wayanad, Kumili, Nelliyampathy, Peerumedu, and many more places to visit in Kerala in January to get non-stop pleasure throughout your holiday vacation.

We hope, the above content could help you plan your Kerala Travel Packages easily and satisfactorily. You can customize your Kerala Packages as per your budget.